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Hard landscaping is the process of developing the backbone of a landscaping project, or adding to an existing landscape with hard materials or structures such as water features, walls or paving. Although often thought of as just aesthetic, the ‘hard’ side of a landscape project is fundamental towards the finished result, providing shaping, drainage, and structural support for the soft landscaping phase.


Not just restricted to garden paths or drives, or bricks or slabs. There is a huge range of materials to choose from, and will cover almost any size of area, whether it is something as simple as an entrance path, or an entire forecourt. In addition to basic paving, we are also  skilled in creative design and multi-material paving, to allow for that truly individual design.

Seating Areas

What would be the point in having a beautifully landscaped area, if there was nowhere to sit and admire it? To this end there are simple benches or seat placements, or larger projects such as recreation areas.


Fencing doesn’t have to be an eyesore, and long gone are the days when a simple brick wall or green hedgerow will suffice for sectioning off an area. We offer a full range of fencing options, ranging from fencing which is completely functional through to something which is completely aesthetic, and obviously everything in between.

Dry Stone Walling

Although anyone can pile stones up, doing so in a secure, professional and eye-pleasing manner is no easy task. So whether it is simply repairing an existing structure, or creating a brand new one, our fully qualified dry stone walling expert will ensure a perfect job every time.


Not just something that goes on the back of a house, a patio can completely transform an outdoor area, making sitting, standing or passing through a landscaped area an altogether more pleasing experience. When combined with seating, a water feature or both, it is extremely easy to create a thoroughly enjoyable area in a straight forward manner. Ideal for outdoor lunching areas, smoking areas or simply somewhere to go to relax, the patio is ideal for any outdoor development.

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